THE BATTLE PLAYS TRILOGY was a three-year / three-piece performance installation that examined the isolation of the American-psyche-in-crisis through genre, medium, and history.


BRING ME THE HEAD OF JOHN FORD (2008, The Brick Theater – Brooklyn) mixed elements of Noh and Greek mystery plays with 4 projector screens and 2 televisions against one speed-addicted video store clerk in a synchronized-riff edit of a classic Spaghetti Western, into which he projects all of his innermost desires and memories in an obsessive ritual set in a trailer park in West, Texas.


ANTIGONE WITH THE WIND (2009, Monkey Town – Brooklyn) combined a surround-sound audio book recording of Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel with densely-layered environmental compositions, 70’s femme-disco pop, and a chorus of barking dogs, all as a backdrop for an intricately rehearsed cope-mechanism work-out exercise performed by a little girl locked in a basement by an unknown abductor in suburban Atlanta.


MY KIND OF BLOOD (2010, Brooklyn Fire Proof in association with Bushwick Open Studios) took a seminal 50’s Miles Davis Jazz album and re-constructed it with police scanner radio, german burlesque, street crime photos, and hard-boiled pulp to reveal a private eye’s pattern-guide work fetish as he unravels a violent noir-crime mystery in a gritty Brooklyn brownstone apartment. 


Conceived and developed by Darcie Champagne, Ryan Dorin, Anne Dyas, Michael Mason, Adam Laten Willson, Karl Newman, Casey Wimpee, and Cole Wimpee

Contributions from Isaac Byrne, Ishaq Clayton, Jared Culverhouse, Amanda Hamilton, and Amy Lynn Stewart.