PONTIAC FIREBIRD VARIATIONS premiered at the Obie-Award Winning Ice Factory at 3LD in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. 3 years in development and combining 80s pop culture, parallel dimensions, muscle cars, linguistic variation, mythology and dreams, PFV took one scene from Shakespeare’s RICHARD III (ACT I, SC 4), and explored it in the context of ‘the musical art of variations’ – with 6 murderers pitted against each other in a revving car crash of tragicomic proportions. With live violin and grand piano, PFV wove a narrative of an intricate New York crime family embroiled in an internal battle over whether or not to murder one of their own.

Conceived and developed by Christopher Baker, Adam Belvo, Sean Berman, Isaac Byrne, Darcie Champagne, Jared Culverhouse, Ryan Dorin, Matthew Hancock, Julian James, Michelle Kelleher, Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw, Michael Mason, Will Neuman, Karl Newman, Jake Platt, Adam Laten Willson, Casey Wimpee, Cole Wimpee, and Charles Yang.