oKTOBERSHIP / SHIP OF FOOLS was a site-specific event produced by Aztec Economy on board a decommissioned steamship, the LILAC, docked off the Hudson River in the West Village in Manhattan, NYC. With cabin rooms filled with visual art, a side mast of video projections and a main deck for live music acts and performance art, oKTOBERSHIP was a vehicle to present Aztec Economy’s short piece, Ship of Fools, which charted the lost-at-sea quadruple mutiny of 4 members on a doomed vessel: a mad Navigator, a sadistic First Mate, an errant Deckhand, and a word-plagued Captain.

Conceived and Developed by Desiree Burch, Michael Mason, Adam Laten Willson, Casey Wimpee, and Cole Wimpee

Contributions from The Astor Kings, the Dirty Shames, Everywhere Theatre Group, Jamie Leigh Florence, S.S.S.S. and Clay Franklin.